Monday, February 2, 2009

521 First Assignment: Portraits



Although they may not be the type of portraits you were expecting, I have been considering the possibility of photographing pets for a living. I thought I would give it a go with two of my dogs. Cole and Stella. Cole because of his tongue. Stella because she is still young and cocks her head at every new sound. I wanted to capture their personalities. I was recently inspired by a photographer I stumbled across in Dog Fancy magazine. He photographs shelter dogs. Awesome.


  1. These are really nice portraits Holly. I really like the one of Stella with her head cocked. Good moment and the light is nice as well. You did a good job showing Cole's personality. I think it might have looked good with a white background, to add contrast.

  2. You are probably right about the white background. I thought about it... I don't know why I didn't! Thanks!

  3. These are sweet photos. Even if though they are not even my pets, these pictures still appeal to me and I think a lot of people would enjoy photos like these even though they have no connection with the subjects. They are just pleasing to look at. Nice job!