Sunday, August 29, 2010


I helped again with yet another TC Microbrew fest. The first one I helped with was the winter one, in February. It was such a blast I wanted to help shoot the summer one. This year it was two days instead of one, packed with several great musicians and micro brews. I especially enjoy the hard ciders!

Saturday's headliner was Ozomatli. If any of you have seen "Never Been kissed," they are the band that plays in the club where Josie gets accidently "high" off of those special brownies. Anyway, I really wanted to meet the guys, maybe hang out with them before the show, get some pics. I had two different people say they could get me back there but in the end, it never happened. However, I was getting some chow and asked a few guys if I could sit in the empty chair near them. They were cool with it. I started talking to them. I asked "What are you guys doing here?" "We're playing a show." "What time?" "Nine." "What's your band's name?" "Ozomatli." "Of course it is." haha...

I have done this with Angel Dust, a guy that sings with Baby Bash. I talked to him about allergies haha...

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