Monday, March 2, 2009

MPPA 2009

MPPA is an annual event for the photographers of Michigan to come together and share with each other their photography and enter in a competition under various categories. I have been going for the past three years and this may have been the best year so far. I have made many new friends and one of my best gal pals OWNED CPOY! Go SMILLA! :) BFFs haha! Anywho, the following video is my third assignment for JRN 521. It wasn't what I was exactly shooting for but I think its a fun video and if I had never been to MPPA, I think it would encourage me to go... Congrats to all who entered and won an award, new and old! Yea! Since it is for educational purposes, I used a copyrighted song. I was also up until 8 in the morning trying to get this finished by 10 and the crazy thing is, I'm not extremely tired...


  1. i really like it holly.
    good job!
    nice song choice =)

  2. holly-that was the coolest video ever. i want a copy of it, k?

  3. I actually made you a DVD of it last night, well early this morning! :)

  4. I liked it a lot especially the part when you can hear Sarah talking to her dad on the phone.