Sunday, March 8, 2009

The photo of the opossum was taken in Mount Pleasant. Bradley, Stella and I went on a lovely walk and we found a dead squirrel, then this dead opossum and then a little mouse that Stella thought would make a nice afternoon snack, but we did not let her enjoy it... I normally wouldn't photograph dead animals but it was so random that this opossum was lying next to this tree, dead, with no signs of being hit. It must have had a very cold night :(

The photo of the frozen bay was taken in Traverse City. You can see that the water level is still low but the bay finally reached a rigid enough temp. that it was able to freeze. There were two swans sitting out there but I didn't have a long enough lens to capture them. Dang it...




  1. i like opossums...that are alive! or play dead...

  2. I was scared that this one was really alive because look at those teeth! But I poked it and it was pretty stiff... and it was there over night...

  3. I think maybe put the focus on those teeth would be better