Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Out of the ordinary

The other night I went out with some friends to a bar called KilKenny's in Traverse City. I wasn't really paying much attention to the people outside of our little group but one of my friends pointed out this guy, sitting alone and writting something onto a pad of paper. They said I should go talk to him, jokingly, probably didn't think I would. The guy was probably in his mid to late twenties. He wore a black beret and a black peacoat. But I walked right over to him, sat down and asked him what he was working on. He was scetching out a comic. After a few minutes of conversation, I came to find out he had a series of these comics with the main character being a guy called "Barf Boy." I didn't really understand the story of any of these but he was very into his work. And he was also sober as a rock! I told him who I was and what I went to school for and told him that this whole situation of him coming to a bar every night, not drinking and coming up with these comics would make a great photo story. He didn't like the idea. It was a good experience for me! I realized that I am capable of making people comfy enough to talk to me and tell me things about their lives they normally wouldn't tell a stranger!

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